Importadora Panama spa. Was born 5 years ago to meet the needs of the towel and home textile market, making excellent quality products accessible to many who could not afford them at low cost.

Today our company is stronger in the municipal area of ​​sheets and towels, making direct imports large quantities of turkey were sold off when they come from the origin to guarantee all our products.

Clothing and household towels just in Chile, with quality products needed by the market, we are working with Turkey, large and small businesses, we believe always be the best supplier for trade fairs and commercial facilities.

In our 5-year existence as our strategic partner, our ability to do business, seriousness and transparency provide you with a wide variety of products, qualities and prices.


 To be a reliable company with good products and affordable prices, to build trust in customers with innovative offers and to help the environment.


To be the leading importer in the home textile and towel sector, to supply our customers with better products every day, to have more diverse products.